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  • Limited Edition: Well Adjusted Badass

    Well-Adjusted Badass.
    Do you need to know more? It’s a limited edition. In your size. If you order right now…
    You know how to put holes in things.

    You know…

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  • Limited Edition: Women’s Grey Long Sleeved

    Crisis Medicine Lessons Learned in Blood Samurai logo printed in black and white with red accent on long-sleeved T’s, with a Crisis Medicine arrow logo on the left chest.

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  • Crisis Medicine Long sleeved Samurai print Tshirt in full color
    Long Sleeve Samurai T-Shirts

    Winter is coming. You need long sleeves.
    For the first time, we’ve printed the Crisis Medicine Lessons Learned in Blood Samurai logo in full color on long-sleeved, T’s. Black available…

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  • Samurai logo
    Samurai Sticker

    This samurai image is a reminder that you never stop fighting. Not even when all your weapons are broken and bloody. Not even with seven arrows sticking out of…

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  • The back of the Samurai t-shirt showing a Samurai, bloodied in battle, broken sword raised, and shot up with arrows, but continuing to fight
    Samurai T-Shirts

    An original interpretation of Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Number 27, Ishikawa Sôsuke Sadatomo at the Battle of Shizu-ga-mine in 1583, now available on a Hanes Beefy-T, a nice…

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  • Samurai Poncho-Liner, Woobie

    We probably don’t have to tell you what a military poncho-liner or a woobie is. You probably know how amazingly warm & comfortable it is for pretty much every…

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  • Crisis Medicine rugged metal pen
    Crisis Medicine Rugged Metal Pen: improvised windlass

    This metal pen reminds you of where get high-quality tactical medical training AND can, in an emergency, be used as a windlass for an improvised tourniquet or…

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  • new Crisis Medicine custom Growler with the Samurai holding his pretzel overhead and his beer outstretched in his left hand
    Lessons Learned With Beer – Custom Growlers

    Now get a Crisis Medicine limited-edition Oktoberfest themed growler. Stainless steel with a sure-fitting lid.

    You train with Crisis Medicine to ensure you know the Lessons Learned in Blood and…

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