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  • Back of limited edition black, glow-in-the-dark Samurai logo t-shirt. Shown under NODS.
    GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Black Samurai T-Shirts

    Just when you thought the Crisis Medicine Samurai T-shirt couldn’t get any better, it did.
    Limited edition glow-in-the dark.
    Free US Shipping included.
    Looks normal during daylight, glows…

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  • Samurai logo
    Samurai Sticker

    This samurai image is a reminder that you never stop fighting. Not even when all your weapons are broken and bloody. Not even with seven arrows sticking out of…

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  • A Samurai, shot with seven arrows, holds a broken and bloodied sword overhead while he continues battle
    Limited Edition Woodcut Print – Crisis Medicine Samurai Logo

    Limited edition, signed and numbered 1-100, 3-color woodblock prints by Peter Nevins (After Kuniyoshi). 11”x14”. Original interpretation of Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Number 27, Ishikawa Sôsuke Sadatomo at the Battle of Shizu-ga-mine…

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