The material is presented in such a deft manner with illustrative examples and reinforced with repetition that retention of information comes pleasantly easy.


Well worth the investment!

Yes, as Dr. Shertz says in his intro, he provides a lot of information in these lectures. “Encyclopedic” I believe was one of the terms he used, however, I never found an encyclopedia nearly as interesting nor as engaging as his topics and style of teaching. As an advanced practitioner of medicine, I find the “why“ almost as important as the “what“, and Mike does an excellent job of explaining why certain procedures, techniques, and tools are superior to alternatives.

The material is presented in such a deft manner with illustrative examples and reinforced with repetition that retention of information comes pleasantly easy. Dr. Shertz’s expertise in this subject matter is evident as he proficiently breaks down complex medical concepts for learners of all backgrounds. I am also impressed by the ease of use of the electronic platform. It has been easy to start, stop, and resume lectures as my busy schedule allows. All in all, I have truly enjoyed this lecture series and feel that my medical practice has benefited. My investment in this educational program has been well worth my time and my ducats.

Dr. Ryan J Smith (MD FAAEM) Physician

This course is the real deal.

I'm a first-responder in a rural town in South Africa. Our national murder rate is 36/100 000 (8th highest in the world). I am trained in advanced First Aid and EMT-B (non-certified). No ambulance gets here in less than 35 minutes. Often none are available. Scenarios run the gamut of farm attacks, to cash-in transit heists, to cops shooting blindly into bushes to 'flush out' perpetrators (for the sake of BLM we have no white police officers). The last 'firearm' murder was with a .177" air rifle point-blank to the chest. Basically anything goes. Of course, there's the 'chainsaw vs own leg' type scenarios too. This is one of the most important courses I have ever taken. If you've been in a situation where you're wondering if you'll die here today, you've come to the right place. It could well mean that nobody dies.

Ian Boyd First Responder, South Africa

...Refreshing to watch an online class that kept my attention

After being in Public Safety for over 20 years in a mix of LE and Fire/EMS it was refreshing to watch an online class that kept my attention. Being a Tactical Medic this CE was extremely relevant and will do our team well. I look forward to the other classes Crisis-Medicine offers. I must also add the customer service is amazing. Prompt email response, and genuine willingness to work with us, and doing so the whole time in a nice friendly manner. You can not go wrong by using this group! Excellent job from A to Z.

Captain Troy Kolar Cardinal Consolidated Fire, Ohio

A graduate level education program in TCCC

I consider this a graduate level education program in TCCC. Having spent 15 months deployed to Iraq, I actually learned that some of my favorite gear are inferior to other pieces of equipment. Dr. Shertz provided me with the data and training to be more effective. It’s literally advice that makes people more effective in providing combat and tactical care. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Ron Sivonda US Military

I highly recommend this online course to any physician considering tactical medicine.

Recently I joined a SWAT Team as the team physician, after being a board-certified emergency physician for over 10 years with ATLS training I thought I was ready for the team. After taking the complete course I realized how much I did not know about Tactical Medicine.

After hours and hours covering relevant topics backed up by real-world experience and research studies, I feel much more confident that I can contribute to my SWAT team in a medical capacity. Mike gave solid advice of what works and what doesn't work, I felt he spoke my language as a physician and was very to-the-point. His experience as a Special Teams Medic and a current Emergency Physician made him the perfect instructor for this topic.

Dr. Eric Quimbo

I've sat through hundreds of hours of online training. Dr. Shertz's course was totally different. He was engaging and authentic.

This is outstanding training. I'm a Firefighter, but I spent nearly a decade as a Federal agent, plus several years in two different branches of the military. In these jobs, I've sat through hundreds of hours of online training. Dr. Shertz's course was totally different. He was engaging and authentic. Rather than speeding through slides to get to the end of the course, I found myself taking notes, rewinding lectures, and viewing blocks of instruction multiple times until I was certain I understood the concepts. I appreciated his depth of knowledge and his passion for the subject matter is clear. This is a high-quality course that I'd recommend to both Firefighters and LEOs.

Morgan West Paramedic, Portland Fire & Rescue

I can assure you that the online course was an incredible way to learn, and will not disappoint.


Highly Recommend

I studied the Complete Tactical Casualty Care course online and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Dr. Shertz is an incredible presenter and clearly has a wealth of knowledge to share. I was kept interested throughout the entire course and honestly didn't want it to end. I would love to have completed the in-person course but living in Australia makes that difficult, hence why I completed the online course. I can assure you that the online course was an incredible way to learn, and will not disappoint. I highly recommend this course and thank Dr. Shertz for sharing his expertise and making it available online.

Sandy Daniels

A Comprehensive educational experience

I just completed the Complete TC2 course presented by Dr. Shertz. This course was by far the best online course I have ever participated in. Dr. Shertz’s absolute command of the subject matter leads to a very comprehensive educational experience that leads the end user to be able to learn and apply new skill sets as well as confirming existing understanding to a deeper level. The production quality of the lectures, skills and scenarios make the learning process feel much more like it is in a classroom rather than online. The slides, charts and other graphics used are absolutely first class. This online education experience raises the bar for online education.

Dave Pletsch Critical Care Flight Paramedic / FP-C

I am much better-prepared thanks to the knowledge gained from the (online) course


Online course--excellent

After reading the reviews already given...I'm not sure I can say anything that hasn't been said, except that I agree! With my years as a nurse, I could probably stumble through most crisis/trauma situations, but I now feel I am much better prepared thanks to the knowledge gained from the course. The format and presentation were both well done. Thanks, Dr. Shertz..for sharing your expertise with humor and common sense. Oh, and thanks for sharing your daughter in the videos, she looks like a treasure.

Brenda Sharp RN, CCRN

I learned more than I did in 10 years of practicing medicine

Thank you for teaching such a fantastic course (Complete Tactical Casualty Care)! I learned more in the past week than I did in all of my education and the last ten years of practicing medicine. Thank you for what you do!

Rachel Stappler PA-C MHSc, Physician Assistant and Reserve Police Officer

Outstanding quality of website and Dr Shertz was terrific!

I was looking for a good skills refresher and this fit great! Outstanding quality of the website and Dr. Shertz was terrific! I would like to have worked with him in the ED!

Dan Lauer ED Nurse (ret)

...Extremely comprehensive foundation to prehospital emergency medicine and crisis management.

The Complete TC2 is an exceptional course that provides an extremely comprehensive foundation to prehospital emergency medicine and crisis management. Dr. Shertz deftly explains complex concepts in an easy-to-understand format while also providing a breakdown analysis of current studies relevant to the topic. He teaches you how to identify life-threatening injuries in trauma cases, and how to sort most critical from least. The skills breakdowns were easy to follow along, which is not always an easy feat to accomplish in a virtual setting. Dr. Shertz utilizes his background in SF tactics and emergency medicine to create memorable, realistic scenarios that facilitate the application and retention of course material.

I find the fact Dr. Shertz delivers this difficult content with such easy affability speaks greatly to his professionalism and subject matter expertise. This course is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what if’ and ‘what would I do’ in emergency situations. Triaging doesn’t have to be complicated, and even if one person were to implement some of these assessments and skills in the event of a crisis situation, the victims of such an event would stand a much higher chance of survival than not.

Madison Hamilton Nurse, certified diver

outstanding job of making the material clear and concise

Considering the complexity of the subject, Dr. Shertz does an outstanding job of making the material clear and concise. He has a passion for evidence-based care, and is able to speak with obvious experience and authority on trauma care. I enjoyed the course and will encourage others to take the TC2 course as well.

Scott Gund Volunteer Tennessee Ranger

Cost-effective way to stay current with the basics and beyond.

Crisis Medicine is continuing to excel in the "tactical" medical training space. The content is always solid and Dr Shertz presents with a clear and effective manner. The data is also valuable to me, as I always want to know the "why" behind what is presented. The video and production quality is always excellent and easy to follow.
Thank you again for providing a cost effective way to stay current with the basics and beyond.

Eric Soderlund Deputy Sheriff / EMT

… More in-depth training than the “Stop The Bleed

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

TC2 online is a great class! I wanted more in-depth training than the "Stop The Bleed" class offered at my local hospital. The Tactical Casualty Care videos, lectures, and scenarios were all excellent. TC2 gave me the information and spent the time on the material to really learn it. I feel confident that I know how to help someone in an emergency. I consider this course a worthy investment for my family, my friends, my co-workers, and the public. Thank you Dr. Shertz.

JS Pettinella

This course greatly exceeded expectations

First off, I am very skeptical of online courses and decided to give this a try. I took this course with some expectations, but this course greatly exceeded those expectations. Great for anyone with limited medical knowledge like myself. Like other reviews, I can say this is not death by PowerPoint and Doc Shertz utilizes self-experience and humor to keep you from getting bored. Nothing better than real-world experience.

I also don't have time to take an EMT Course or a paramedic course in person because of my job. If you are in the security industry and want to improve your resume and knowledge, this is the course for you!

Nick Nevala Security Professional

Consider this training mandatory

If you are around guns or any other pursuit that puts you at risk of serious trauma, you need this training. It's focused, compelling, and backed by facts and data. I can only hope that any first-responders who treat me or those close to me have had this training or have been trained by those who have. If you carry, this training is as important as the law of self-defense and shooting training.

Bruce Mamont

A wealth of information designed to allow us to make good decisions when shit goes wrong.

I was in your Tactical First Aid class in June of 2016. I loved the class, both lectures and demos. The wealth of information designed to allow us to make good decisions when shit goes wrong. Now 734 days later, last Saturday, I was at the range for a steel challenge match and ended up addressing a 9mm ball round through a guy’s thigh. I was so glad I took that class.

I was so glad that I took YOUR class. Thank you for all the help.

The guy is fine. What struck me after the fact was that I didn’t consciously decide to take action, I just hauled ass around the berm and found myself gloved up and cutting a dude’s pants. It wasn’t a matter of confidence, more a deeper sense of duty (or maybe I just relished the opportunity). Your class made me a better person simply by triggering a more worthwhile response.

Thomas Alldredge Mechanical Design Engineer, BE Meyers & Co

As I started the Course already started to amaze me, with detailed Classes and backed up by proof and in-depth research


I really enjoyed Complete TC2 and gained a lot of extra knowledge

I am a Private security contractor and did some Medical courses before, 1 as a requirement (FPOSi), and the other as an extra (TTLS). I saw Crisis Medicine on Facebook, read up on them, and gathered some information. I enrolled in the TC2 Complete Online Course, as I felt I could gain some extra knowledge. As I started the Course already started to amaze me, with detailed Classes and backed up by in Combat Proof and in-depth research. Reasons were provided as to his opinions on some equipment which was really an eye-opener. Overall, I really enjoyed it and gained a lot of extra knowledge, Thanks for the great presentation and classes.

Wernich Van Der Walt

…The online training and step-by-step skills stations are every bit as effective at driving home the material as the in-person training

Transformational!'s Complete Tactical Emergency Casualty Care course has been one of the most transformational experiences in my life. Dr. Shertz's practical, no-bullshit approach to triage and treatment of life-threatening trauma has been distilled down to skills and techniques that are very trainable, attainable, and applicable for civilian hands.

After taking this course I am confident in my ability to identify, treat, and manage mass casualties in any active violent event. I can build an aid system using equipment that has been researched, tested, and proven to work - and that won't fail my expectations during a crisis. Everyone who believes that it's important to be prepared for emergencies should crave this knowledge; everyone has something to learn here.

Having taken both the in-person and online training I can honestly say that the online training and step-by-step skills stations are every bit as effective at driving home the material as the in-person training and track very closely with the classroom experience. In some cases, the on-line training is actually a superior way to learn the material, as you can back up to a section you want to review or pause and ponder a graph or chart that is being presented. Although the hands-on classroom experience is undeniably beneficial, the online course will still get your knowledge and mindset where it needs to be for you to act as an effective force multiplier for good if the worst should happen. Thank you Dr. Shertz!

Jim Speedy Systems Engineer

This course is amazing for an online course.

No death by power point here. I definitely felt as if I was in the classroom the entire time. Hands down best online course for any subject matter I have taken.

C. Mann Police Officer

Masterfully delivered through informative and entertaining lecture, combined with impressive visuals

I found the Advanced TC2 online course to be simply outstanding.

I have had the privilege of attending several of Dr. Shertz's live courses. The ATC2 online course provided the same high level of professional instruction as the in-person classes.

The ATC2 online course is well designed and intuitive to navigate. The comprehensive curriculum is masterfully delivered through informative and entertaining lecture, combined with impressive visuals. The time required for each section of the ATC2 course is clearly displayed, which made it easy for me to train during my erratic schedule on the narcotics unit.

I valued Dr. Shertz's no bull sh!t perspective when evaluating first aid gear.

The video scenarios do an excellent job of demonstrating how the techniques could be used in real-world situations.

Anyone who calls themselves a "first responder" needs the information in the ATC2 course. I would recommend Crisis Medicine courses to anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation such as hunting, hiking, and off-road motor-sports.

Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

Sgt. Troy Barnbrook Police Officer

with today's environment and the potential remoteness of our hobbies, the need for more advanced training ... was needed.

I retired from 20 years of active duty service in the U.S. Navy. When I left the Navy over 15 years ago I had been through several of the Navy's environmental survival schools and field first aid training but nothing on a TCCC level, as it had not been developed yet.

Both myself and my girlfriend enjoy going to the range, SCUBA diving as well as open-road cycling. We also do a lot of our own home improvement requiring the use of power tools. Now we’re not Spec-Ops “door kickers” but we realize with today's environment and the potential remoteness of our hobbies, the need for more advanced training outside of a Basic Life Saving or the hour-long STB course was needed.

After a lot of research, I found this (TC2) course. For an educator, for “Joe average civilian”, someone going to the range, offshore to go diving or to the backcountry, even for someone working with power tools on a weekend home improvement project, or your first line deputy, this is a great course. Though the content of this course is directed at injuries derived from gunshots, Dr. Shertz also explains throughout this course that these types of injuries can be sustained from a variety of accidents. 

It is said that expertise is developed through repeated exposure to information, patterns, and experiences over time. Dr. Shertz thoroughly explains the hows and whys in layman’s terms. Throughout the course, he reinforces the data presented with examples and scenarios. I hope it is knowledge I never have to use, though I am certainly glad I sought out what I feel is the best in class training, should the need ever arise.

Bill Davis Retired US Navy

I feel much more prepared after this course (on-line TC2).

I feel much more prepared after this course (on-line TC2). I am a South African Police officer, am certified in First Aid, and also did the Control The Bleed course (the same one you have in the US) recently.

This TC2 course really taught me a lot. I like the style in which Mike presents it and I value his opinions. The course stimulated me to think about certain concepts and I will surely carry this knowledge with wherever I go.

MS South African Law Enforcement
profile-pic of the top 10 trainings I've taken. Period.

My Lt asked me to evaluate the course and see if it was something we should offer to the rest of the agency. After taking this course, I am giving him a resounding yes.

In 25 years of LE experience, I have sat through HOURS of in-person and online training. This is by far one of the best online courses I have ever taken. I might even say the top 10 trainings period. The Dr. was informative, engaging and enjoyable to watch.

Dave Hillard Senior Deputy, Clatsop County Sheriff

Kept my interest start to finish

Great information, even better presentation of the material. A fantastic alternative to an in person class. It kept my interest start to finish (which is tough to do for cops). Nice job Doc!

Officer Bob Police Officer

I really enjoyed the no-nonsense teaching

There is very little education available out there for active people (family, job) who are not available to take classes in a real school setting beyond what the Red Cross or AHA offers (BLS, First Aid). Seminars are expensive and not always available within a 300-mile radius. As a teacher and gun owner, basic trauma first aid/TECC is important. I have also invested in plenty of supplies to fill several IFAKs, and I am very familiar with commercial TECC supplies.

I was pleasantly surprised by the circumspect tone of the videos and the cautious approach to gear and recommendations (chest seals, for example). All in all, I was very satisfied by the course. Thank you.

David Sauer Teacher

It is important to learn tactical care techniques as we are the first line of protection for our students. 

I completed the Tactical Casualty Care course both in-person and online. Being an educator at an elementary school, I think it is important to learn these tactical care techniques as we are the first line of protection for our students. The techniques can be used in any type of emergency situation earthquake, fire, and during active shooter situations. Mike is a great instructor providing information that is easy to understand, remember and replicate. I feel confident that I can help save a life!

Asley Parson Extended Programs Mgr, German International School

The Advanced TC2 class was invaluable.

The Advanced TC2 class was invaluable. I’m glad this course was more than just learning about tourniquets for hemorrhage control. Having the hands-on practice of wound packing, wrapping junctional wounds, and needle decompression on real models has given me a lot of confidence in my ability to address more than just bleeding out of arms and legs.

The online course including wound packing videos was very helpful and informative. I think [our police] officers have a lot of comfort with tourniquets but because they’re only for arms and legs, and it was interesting to be given a possible solution for bleeding from other areas of the body where the tourniquet wouldn’t be appropriate.

Sergeant Jamie Beane Beaverton Police Department

This course has been such a valuable experience

This course has been such a valuable experience for me and my team as we are updating and advancing our emergency preparedness for our school. Factually and realistically Mike has taught us how to mentally prepare for a crisis situation, manage staff, students and parents and certainly how to provide more than just basic first aid. Mike’s years of experience in this field become evident in his knowledge and style of teaching. Both helped us tremendously in retaining the information and building our own knowledge. Crisis Medicine has gone above and beyond to provide us with the critical information and supplies we needed to prepare for emergency situations in a school setting. Our school community feels more prepared because of it and we are grateful for their ongoing support!

Carina Horton Emergency Team German International School

Awesome Course!

I truly appreciate the directness and honesty of the information presented. I was looking to expand my TCCC knowledge & techniques. I was looking for direct, honest, no bullshit information. Makes my CLS training look like a joke, to be honest.

Adam Bennett

Fantastic training

This was a fantastic training. Lots of great information. I enjoyed how in-depth Dr. Shertz went into the studies which gave the information context. His real-world opinion was valuable as well

James Thompson National Park Service

Exhaustive content, worth every minute.

I live in a war torn country and the tactical care is very applicable to my every day living. Past medical training covered basics and I wanted to delve in depth. It was fantastic. The CM staff were incredibly FAST in responding to my emails and problems I had on my end with slow internet. Laurie was fantastic with ensuring that I was able to access all of the content.

As a result of this course, our company will be re-evaluating each medical kit to ensure we are prepared should a crisis arise, and as a family we will be teaching our kids what we have learned. Thank you, CM for your excellence in the courses


The course was excellent... Extremely interesting

I have taken a few in-person courses with Dr. Shertz. I have taken two other TCCC courses, including a train the trainer. This was my first online course. The course was excellent. It felt like I was sitting in Dr. Shertz class during the lecture portions. Dr. Shertz is an excellent presenter and trainer with a smooth delivery and the ability to give a lot of information in a way that keeps your attention. You can tell that he is an expert in the field and that he is passionate about it. I like that Dr. Shertz gives you more information than just "do this." He gives background information and talks about how and why things are done. He gives a lot of information from studies in order to support his statements and the interventions taught. I found it extremely interesting.

It isn't always practical to find a local class or to travel for training. I think that is where these online courses come in. Take one of these online courses and follow it up with practicing the physical skills shown in the course. Any first responder, gun owner, parent, hunter, etc should know this stuff. Do the training before you need it.

Jason Tillotson Police Officer

The online course is very well done and kept my attention throughout. The scenario videos were not only entertaining, they were relevant to the information taught


I had the unique opportunity to both go to the in-person CTC2 class in Beaverton, OR and finish a portion of the course online because I had to leave early. I have to say that nothing can replace the muscle memory gained and the ability to ask questions and get immediate feedback that the in-person class provides. The practical scenario day was very well done and put you into situations that provided real-world stress. You had to treat very realistic injuries from real situations that have happened around the country. That being said, the online course is very well done and kept my attention throughout. The scenario videos were not only entertaining, but they were also relevant to the information taught and Dr. Shertz narrates during portions to help reinforce the M.A.R.C.H. pneumonic and treatment priorities. Overall, this is one of the best courses I have ever taken. I feel that anyone in Law Enforcement or FIRE/EMS should definitely take one of these courses because of the environment we live in today.

Dan Chase Eugene Springfield Fire, Firefighter/Paramedic

Clear explanations and demonstrations, honest assessments of gear and techniques, and a straight-up, no-BS approach to saving lives.


Tactical Casualty Care -- take it!
Excellent course. Mike knows his stuff -- he has seen, treated, and photographed just about every trauma a body can sustain. Clear explanations and demonstrations, honest assessments of gear and techniques, and a straight-up, no-BS approach to saving lives. My last Tactical First Aid training was early 2000's vintage, so TC2 was not only a great refresher but a great update -- lots of new material. If for some reason you're on the fence, take this class! Everyone should have this kind of life-saving knowledge

Alan Hines Instructor, Insights Training

Definitely worth doing this course! You have my seal of approval.

Informative, concise, and an excellent teaching method. Being an ex-military type myself, I very much appreciated the simple, clear verbiage as well as the subtle military sense of humor that comes through in all the lessons. I would certainly recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in tactical or emergency care. I have done many courses in my time and as online courses go, this was certainly one of (if not) the best. Bravo!

Antony Cox

In seamanship, the primary rule is: keep the water out. This class could be nicknamed: keep the blood in.

In basic boating seamanship, there are a couple of primary rules and one is: Keep the water out. Dr. Shertz's class on Tactical Casualty Care could be nicknamed: Keep the blood in. Dr. Shertz is a dynamic and crisp instructor and compelling educator. I unlearned years of Hollywood war movie myths on what a bullet does to the body and learned what really happens when a person (or gelatin) gets shot.

Most importantly I learned what I could do to help 'keep the blood in' and how to go about that to a reasonable degree. Both the classroom and hands-on instruction were thorough and I recommend the class to anyone who wants to become more educated in tactical casualty care, or wants to possibly be of use if found in a direct or indirect threat event with casualties and minimal equipment.

Katherine P Avid Sailer

Our School leadership team learned crucial skills in a clear and accessible manner

As a school administrator with student safety as my top priority, I felt compelled to do something to prepare for the worst. Mike's course taught our leadership team crucial skills in a clear, hands-on, rational, and accessible manner. Mike's approach delivers Stress Inoculation for the learners, which I deeply valued. The topics are intense and real. Thinking through scenarios in advance can only serve us better in a real crisis. My team feels prepared, calm, and knowledgeable after spending the time in this course. I strongly believe that this approach to community health is one that any school should pursue. The learned skills are as good for a crisis as they are for a serious playground injury.

Thanks much Crisis Medicine and please keep up the good work.

Blake Peters Head of School, German International School

An outstanding course taught by a top-tier instructor.

Spent the last three days attending Crisis Medicine’s Advanced Tactical Casualty Care course. In a few words, an outstanding course taught by a top-tier instructor. By the third day, participants were repeatedly handling arterial hemorrhaging from realistic gunshot wounds, penetrating chest and wounds, even amputations, and eviscerations in multiple stress based scenarios with LOTS of training blood and drama-inducing injury props, all under the watchful eyes of very highly experienced special operations medics and chief instructor Dr. Mike Shertz.

NW CQC Online forum for rangemasters

A fantastic way to learn life-saving skills

I have been in my fair share of medical classes but this was my first ever online course. That being said this course is a fantastic way to learn life-saving skills. Just don't forget, perfect practice makes perfect so keep your skills sharp!

Dr. Shertz is the perfect balance of huge doctor brain, dark humor, and 18-D to keep me learning, interested, and engaged. I certainly giggled more than a few times. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be an asset to society, team, and family.

The support I got was great. At one point I clicked a button in the course that I didn't mean to but the support I got was really solid, solved the issue and super friendly.

Christian Hutchins

I recently attended the Tactical Casualty Care Course held in Brisbane, Australia. Not only is Mike a great guy with a wealth of knowledge, but he's an excellent instructor with the experience to back up his skills and knowledge. Having served as a medic in an airborne unit, as well as service in policing and as a security contractor in hostile environments, the TC2 run by Crisis Medicine was current, relevant and a good mix of theory and practical skills. An outstanding course, and one that I'd recommend to everyone, no matter if you are a first-time student, or if you are a surgeon, you WILL learn.

Paul Johnstone Krav Mag Instructor

I wanted the best available, most realistic and comprehensive training.

I'm a high school teacher, and now I have a fairly new responsibility of bleeding control knowledge under "other duties as assigned."

I wanted the best available, most realistic and comprehensive training. After taking the course himself, as well as several others, my boyfriend decided this was the best course on the market for my additional responsibility at school. I have to agree; due to the training I received, I have successfully dealt with a 911 call, another lesser emergency, and have been able to identify and insist on the removal of 800 counterfeit tourniquets from our school classrooms.

Without the training from Crisis Medicine, I would not have been as prepared to confidently address these emergencies. I hope not to use these skills, but I know I can if my students and colleagues need.

Kim Walther Florida Business Teacher and Sailboat Captain

As a medical director for several fire departments, I can say it is the BEST trauma course you can take.

I have taken the 5 day TCCC class twice. As a medical director for several fire departments, I can say it is the BEST trauma course you can take.

I can say without reservation on that Dr. Shertz's courses are of the highest quality. He is a talented instructor who explains medical procedures to students at all levels, even in audiences ''with mixed provider levels. His lectures are based on a clear review of the medical literature and include demonstrative photographs and diagrams pulled from disparate sources including textbooks, newspaper photographs, and images pulled from the internet to support his teaching points. His material is always up to date and includes the most recent advances in the field of emergency medical services, TECC, and TCCC.

Dr. John Heiser (MD, FACEP) Emergency Medicine Physician & EMS Medical Director, Yamhill County, Oregon

Easy to follow and stay engaged

As an Armed Security Specialist, most of my clients are corporate. Our main objective is AVI response direct to threat. This medical training is for knowledge of patient care for myself and my team members if we are ever injured in a shooting. Furthermore, be able to assist with treatment of casualties if necessary, as needed. Great information! The articulation of information given makes it easy to follow and stay engaged. I'll be continuing my medical education with Crisis Medicine. Thank you!

Kacey McGee Armed Security Specialist

...Content developed with a lot of thought and investment representing decades of real-world experience.

I've undertaken a range of training in medical first response, including a four-day course in Wilderness First Aid and a basic TECC course. I've also participated in a global conference webinar series and subscribe to a number of different podcasts, webinars, and other resources on TCCC and TECC. Out of the dozens of instruction I've received from special operations medics, medical personnel and physicians I have not received a more comprehensive, evidence-based course covering the full range of TCCC/TECC guidelines. Its no-nonsense approach to showing what works and what doesn't will no doubt save lives.

The content was obviously developed with a lot of thought and investment representing decades of real-world experience. Anyone from a trauma physician, to an EMS paramedic or special operations medic, security operator or remote medic would benefit greatly from the course.

Pierre Andipatin Global Security Risk Advisor / Wilderness, Advanced First Aid, Basic TECC

This ranks in the top classes I have taken.  Maybe the best.  Exceptionally well done!

I just completed the [online] TC2 course and thought I'd drop you a note and let you know how much I liked the course. Actually loved the course! I am a CPA and over the years have done a ton of CPE to maintain my certification and this ranks in the top classes I have taken. Maybe the best. Exceptionally well done!

Thank you for providing this material. I hope I never have to use it, but as with CPR, you never know. I have had to use CPR a couple of times, so I'll sleep better after taking this course should I ever be in a situation where these skills are needed.

Mark Duncan Certified Public Accountant

Our Fire Department has benefitted tremendously from this course

I loved the course! I greatly appreciated the depth of information that went into each course topic. It was valuable for me to see information that was supported by literature, evidence, etc. through the lens of Dr. Shertz's unbiased opinion.

Myself, and the rest of our department participating in the course have benefited tremendously. I plan to make this course a requirement for the remainder of our team members and future team members, as I believe it helps create a solid foundation. I actually plan to go through it again while I still have access!! Thank you so much for all of your help along the way, and thank you all for developing a phenomenal course.

Ryan Firefighter & Paramedic, California

I can't wait to learn more with CM

Took the 10-hour (in-person) TC2 class at Insights last summer. I can't wait to go back to learn more with CM.

Kevin Fillmore

The detail, stress inoculation and real-world applicability gave me confidence that I can handle situations

Most of my life I lived in a safe bubble. I practiced martial arts and self-defence but never had the opportunity to learn any medicine for TECC/TCCC environments. I moved to Portland right before the Pandemic and quickly learned that anything could happen, anywhere, at anytime, and if I wasn't prepared I would totally be a liability.

I took TC2 and I'm working my way through K9 TC2 and CRBN. The detail, stress inoculation and real-world applicability gave me confidence that I can handle situations much more intense than I ever thought. Dr. Shertz taught it in such a straightforward way that my curiosity is taking me towards an R-EMT program in the near future to be more involved in TECC. It was insanely informative, honestly fun, and entertaining. I now trust the skills I've learned can safe my life, as well as my friends and family. I know that the images and stories I've seen will prepare me for situations that others would freeze in. The whole Crisis Medicine team went above and beyond in helping me learn and feel a part of the community. Looking forward to more training in the future.

Adam Morris

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