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Gift: Advanced Tactical Casualty Care course


Gift: Advanced Tactical Casualty Care course


Give the gift of training to manage injured in high-risk environments. The gift that keeps on giving.


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The world isn’t getting any safer. Give your friends and loved ones the gift of peace of mind. Encourage them to get life-saving training, at home, on their own schedule so they and their loved ones will be better prepared to deal with medical emergencies during this 14.5 hour course.

This dynamic and practical course covers the evaluation and treatment of the tactical casualty during the Care Under Fire / Direct Threat and Tactical Field Care / Indirect Threat phases. This stand-alone course covers all the materials presented in the Tactical Casualty Care course and builds upon that with additional hemorrhage control skills, recognition, and management of tension pneumothorax, practical airway devices, additional demonstrated skills stations, and much more extensive example scenarios.

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