A grade school library, prepared with an IFAK

School Preparedness Survey

After learning of a school district intentionally distributing fake tourniquets recently, we realized that as schools are getting the message about Stop the Bleed and Being the Help until Help Arrives, they are being given a lot of misinformation. This results in teachers with sub-standard and dangerous equipment who are potentially hopelessly unprepared to deal with wounded if the need arises. We wish this weren’t the case, but the modern reality is teachers will be the first line of defense for our children. The only way to determine how widespread this problem is, is to gather data. Please help us analyze the scope of the problem.


Help us ensure schools are using the right equipment (that recommended by the Committee on Tactical Casualty Care, the only group currently independently testing tourniquets to ensure only those that actually work get used), and the right training from folks with the proper credentials, based on medical literature.


Want to make sure your school has the information they need? Download this flyer on tourniquet selection and training and ensure your Principal, District, and decision makers can make informed decisions.