First Receivers: No Notice Events – new online course

This course moves Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and Tactical Combat Casualty Care Guidelines into the Emergency Department.

What happens when there is an active violent incident and your hospital gets 20 or 50 or 100 casualties immediately following? Your non-trauma hospitals will receive patients because the trauma centers will be overwhelmed.

  • Pulse Nightclub, ORMC: the first 36 casualties in 36 minutes
  • Sunrise Hospital Las Vegas: 215 casualties in 90 minutes
  • Christ Church Hospital, New Zealand: 41 casualties in 45 minutes

A physician can teach you the science behind medical care in a bad situation, but a Special Operations Medic can teach you what really works in a bad situation. Dr. Shertz can do both. With over thirty years experience in tactical and emergency medicine, both as a practicing Emergency Physician and former US Army Special Forces Medic, this course draws on recent events and the medical literature. The course aims to give you a plan and arm you with the questions you need to find out what your hospital’s plan is.

For more background about What is a First Receiver, where the term came from, and how it relates to First Responders, read the article on the website.