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You’ll see it listed in your course, as the first item in your list of lessons.
You’ll need to take a brief quiz at the end of your course, listed below the scenario section. If you’ve watched 90% of the videos and passed the quiz, your certificate will be automatically provided.
No, at this time courses are only available for streaming via the internet.
Dr. Shertz teaches in-person trainings in Portland, Oregon, and occasionally in Seattle, Washington. You can check the website or email us at logistics@crisis-medicine.com for more information. Because the live classes feature so much hands-on and skills stations, it is very logistically difficult to travel beyond the West Coast to teach this class. But never say never: If you have the funding and can support the footprint of the class, be sure to email us to start the discussion.
First, try reviewing the Crisis Medicine website. From blog posts to information rich pages, you might just find the answer there. Second, try reviewing your workbook. We’ve tried to summarize the most important details there. But if you’re still stumped? Email us. Between working shifts at one of the busiest emergency departments in Oregon, providing medical director support to his fire departments and several large companies, Dr. Shertz has limited time to respond to individual questions, but we’re always happy to try to help people get answers they need for these critical skills. Who knows? Maybe the answer to your question will the next Crisis Medicine blog post.

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